Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Strawberry Ice Cream Experiment: part 2

It looks like it, it almost feels like it, and it tastes like it. My daughter had two ice cream cones full of it. I loved it, too. Still...

OFF THE RECORD: we agree, the recipe needs just a little bit of tweaking. A little vanilla powder, perhaps, and more time in the food processor. Or, possibly, I should soak the cashews in water, then blend everything in the Vitamix.

What's a writer doing spending so much time in the kitchen? Well... we do have to eat!

Why blog about it? This writer writes a lot about food, agriculture and the food industry, so it's kind of ever-present in the gray matter. Visit rebekahlfraser.com to see samples.

Why blog about it when there's a hot senate race on in my home state?
Because, honestly, with these kind of results, some folks I know will really need SOMETHING to sweeten the day.

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