Saturday, January 9, 2010

Me & Gordon Ramsay, part 3: nuts

Off the record: While I watch my friend's 7-year-old plays hockey, my food is practically making itself!
The Sicilian almonds have been soaked, germinated, & skinned.

Now they're dehydrating. Tomorrow, they'll be crisp and ready for processing.

Mystery dish #1 is in progress.

I am also soaking raw walnuts.

When I return home from my little friend's hockey game tonight, I'll drain the walnuts and purée them with some other ingredients to create the sauce for Mystery dish #2.

The thing about raw food prep is it takes additional planning and a little extra time. There's always lots to do ahead when one is preparing dishes with nuts. But it's worth it!

Okay, back to watching these kids play. More news, and photos, from the kitchen later.

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