Thursday, January 7, 2010

Me and Gordon Ramsey

Off the Record: I love FOOD!

OK, if you've read this blog before, you already know that. It's probably why I write for so many food related publications. In fact, today, I spent nearly four hours interviewing professionals in the Maryland/Delaware produce industry. (But I digress...)

I also love to perform. So, when a notice hit my email box from Boston Casting for an opportunity to audition for Gordon Ramsay's new reality show, "Master Chef," I had to check it out. They're looking for untrained gourmands with unusual stories or diets who are willing to put up with some good old fashioned Hollywood abuse all in the name of kick-ass chocolate (or other edible delights.)

Since I've been eating Raw Vegan for four years now, I figured I'd have as good a shot as any... so off I go this Sunday for my audition.

How does one audition for a foodie reality show? Make food and wow the casting directors with it! Yikes. The possibilities are numerous, and I'm not sure which way to turn... Simple and Delish, or Complex and Creative... Sweet or Salty? How about Umami, that elusive sixth taste identified by the Japanese...

Tonight I will choose my dish; tomorrow... SHOPPING FOR INGREDIENTS!

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