Monday, June 29, 2009

OFF THE RECORD: This Actor Turned Author is Truly Inspiring

Friday I had the priviledge of interviewing the author of a new vegan diet & lifestyle book for a national magazine.

The book excerpts her publisher sent me were inspiring, and speaking with this author was great fun. I love interviewing people and finding interpersonal connections. In this case, our love of food and passion for health unites us.

If the woman's name was Jane Smith, I would have been excited about the interview. However, the author of "The Kind Diet", forthcoming from Rodale press this fall, is Alicia Silverstone. With all the crazy stories about Hollywood “stars-run-amok”, it's refreshing to meet someone so down-to-earth and committed to helping others. Her breakout movie role may have been the starring role in "Clueless," but Alicia Silverstone is anything but.

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