Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gulf of Mexico - the responsibility is also ours

OFF THE RECORD:  One thing the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico shows me is that we as a species and a society are not at peace with this planet! 

As a teenager struggles for independence from it's parents, we fight against mother earth and her natural order. 

Its easy to blame a corporation, but each of us plays a role in this disaster by living as we do.  Do you drive a car?  Do you heat with oil?  Do you use personal care products or cosmetics made with petroleum derivatives?  Do you purchase toys, home goods, office supplies or disposable items made from petroleum-based plastic(most plastic is PET based)?  Did you side your house with vinyl?   Do you see how this is a global problem?  We are all creating this mess.  The good news is we have the power to STOP hurting mother earth.

We may even be able to begin a healing process.

I encourage you to commit to changing one thing each day to lessen your reliance on petroleum products.

We are not powerless and we do not have to point fingers. The path of peace puts the responsibility and the power in our hands and voices.

I will sing and chant for peace on Monday, and my first commitment to environmental change is to stop purchasing products made from petroleum based plastics.

Will you join me?

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