Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Good Stuff

OFF THE RECORD:  I'm not that hip to the Beantown scene.

Although I grew up in MA, and moved back to the commonwealth a few years ago, I never really got into Boston life.  So, magazines that cater to Bostonians have never really "done it" for me... until recently.

While eating organic vegan sushi in Brookline, I picked up a copy of the freebie rag, STUFF.

Why?  Who knows, but I'm glad I got it, because otherwise I wouldn't have discovered this extremely well-written, informative, useful and moving article, "Renewed Self, Revamped Style," written by Scott Kearnan.

Check it out, and then visit www.myrecycledhandbag.com to support a great business and a great cause.
You'll probably also be interested in www.rosefund.org

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