Monday, April 18, 2011

TIPS FOR WORKING WITH A WRITER, Part 1: If You Don’t Have a Creative Brief

OFF THE RECORD:  The best copy is a natural outgrowth of a carefully crafted business or messaging strategy.  Before you begin working with a writer, make sure you clearly understand and can communicate your messaging strategy.  

You'll probably get the best results if you find a branding specialist whose values align with yours, and get busy developing your Creative Brief.  You could also consider the five strategic questions listed in my previous blog post, "How to Hire a Business Writer or Copywriter."

In the non-profit world, the term branding is sometimes considered crass.  NGOs and other 501(c )3s may refer to the same process as “Strategic Planning”.  Whatever you call it, defining the vision, mission, and method for your organization, as well as the primary audience for your communiqués is essential before you embark on any messaging campaign.

Read "Tips for Working with a Writer, Part 2" tomorrow.

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