Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What's Your Thesis?

OFF THE RECORD:  I probably need a new website, with a new design, typeface, etc, etc, etc... but it ain't happening any time soon.  ?Por quoi pas?   I've been so on the go, this is the first moment I've taken to write a blog post, let alone update my website, let alone design a whole new website.

Ah, well.  What sparked this little confession was, while searching for the perfect web design for one of my projects at UML, I discovered a totally fun site, with a great look, written by a web designer.  She uses Thesis.  So, my friends, one day I probably will use Thesis, also.  Of course by the time I get around to redesigning my site, I will have found a different, totally gorgeous web look to cop.

Maybe I should just hire a web designer.  I'm such a DIY type, though.  Speaking of which, I need to go take my peanuts out of the oven, and make my family the peanut butter I promised them.

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