Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Twitter is Over Capacity

Has the world gone mad?  "Twitter is over capacity!  Try back in a moment."   This was the message I received when I tried to sign on just moments ago.

Now, I'm no twitter-addict. In fact, I don't even tweet every day.  But, now that I can't do it, well...  I think I'm starting to twitch.  What does it mean when Twitter goes over capacity?  What is happening to our communications systems?

Oh, that's right.  Mercury is in retrograde - communications glitches are par for the course until the 11th.   Sound freakish?

Off the Record:   I don't understand most astrological lingo, nor do I wish to.  But this one thing - Mercury in Retrograde - is something I have found to be consistently spot-on.  Whenever Merc goes Retro, I and folks I know experience all sorts of glitches in our interpersonal and electronic communications.  My question is, what does it actually mean, or look like, when Merc goes Retro?  Any Astrologers care to comment?

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